About Oakville Newborn & Baby Photographer Tricia McLelland

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I’m TRICIA, a newborn and baby photographer in Oakville, Ontario also specializing in maternity and family photography. I can’t wait to meet you and your family!

As a fully-certified newborn photographer trained in newborn safety and Oakville's first fully accredited newborn posed photographer with the  Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International (and frequently called a baby whisperer by clients!), you can feel confident that your child is in great hands. It’s an honour to photograph your newborn, one that I don’t take lightly. My own journey began with photographing my son’s early days, conveying through photos how much I have loved him through every stage of his life.

When I left the corporate world to pursue photography full time, my husband supported me every step of the way, even giving up his space in the basement so I could have a studio. In just seven years, I’ve photographed over 1600 newborns and plenty more families, children, and expecting mothers. During that time, I’ve connected with hundreds of families and helped them tell their stories through photography. I jump out of bed every morning exhilarated by the purpose and joy of working with families on similar journeys that go beyond just a customer relationship.

To me, photos show how we are always there for our families and allow us to capture the most fleeting, wonderful moments of our lives. There’s nothing I love more than capturing a sweet moment between a mother and their child, catching a curious expression, or savouring the sleepy sweetness of a newborn.

Although I’ve won awards like the Best Baby Photographer of 2018 from the International Baby Photography Awards, what makes this the most rewarding career I could ever imagine is the joy of helping you welcome your newborn through one-of-a-kind photography. We’re known for our stylized newborn sessions and newborn composite images which allow us to capture dreamy photos of your newborn without compromising their safety. By combining two or more images through special editing techniques, we have dozens of backdrops and props for you to choose from. Before your eyes, you’ll see one image transformed into another!

We use established and trusted practices when working with your precious newborn, but I’m always learning new skills and techniques when I’m not photographing or spending time with my family. In addition, I’m a proud graduate of the Digital Photography Program at Sheridan College.

My style has been defined as light and bright, but I also love capturing earthy, moody photos. I would love to welcome you to our comfortable studio in Oakville, where you are welcome to soak in the session and feel at home in the space.

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Photos credited with thanks to One for the Wall & Holly McMurter Photographs

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This is ANITA.  She is our Studio Manager for McLelland Photography

Anita, has been a vital part of our team since 2018. From the moment you book a session with McLelland Photography, Anita is your primary point of contact, ensuring that every detail is planned out and executed. Having her with me in the studio means parents can relax and enjoy the session even more.

Her background in the child care industry is not just impressive, it makes her an invaluable asset working with children of all ages. She makes everyone feel at ease, especially our youngest clients, the moment they enter the studio. Therefore, allowing their true personalities to shine through creating memorable, genuine, and unforgettable photographs.

Outside the studio, she ensures you are fully prepared for your session. She goes above and beyond to answer any questions, guaranteeing that families come to their appointments feeling well prepared and excited. Whether it is discussing wardrobe choices or setting expectations for the session, Anita’s thoroughness and care in preparation are unparalleled.

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