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What is a Newborn Composite?

When looking at a photo such as this one above, do you wonder how did she get that infant to hang so peacefully from that swing and was it safe that high up in that tree? What you are viewing is the magic of photography with newborn composites. The use of photo editing software is key in creating a photo such as this one and it opens a whole world of opportunities in newborn photography. In realty, if a photo like this was taken as is, it is clearly not safe for the baby. And newborn photography must be done with newborn safety as the top and main priority.

So, what exactly is a composite image? A composite in its essence, is a photo that is created from two or more images that are merged together. Take for example the image below. It is not safe for this baby to pose this way on their own. But if the photos are carefully composed supporting the baby properly, they can be merged together with the spotter’s hand removed in post-production to create a brilliant shot!

The possibilities of newborn composites are endless. The images are truly one of a kind and create works of art to be hung around your home. This is one of the reasons why McLelland Photography offers one composite image with each of the newborn packages we provide.


As a client, you have the opportunity to choose the composite ahead of your session using the catalogue which can be found HERE.  During your studio session, the right lighting and suitable props are used to create your composite.  The studio photo is then merged with a digital backdrop.  Special care is taken in post-production to ensure shadows are realistic and textures are blended correctly.  A lot of work goes into creating these photos to make them look as real as possible.  Therefore, creating an image, you only dream of!

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