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April 20, 2018

Tips for Hiring a Newborn Photographer

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I can speak from experience when I say the newborn stage lasts only a short period of time & then it’s gone. That newborn of yours with those chubby checks & tiny toes will soon be growing into a giggling, crawling, running, clapping toddler. The first year will fly by & you’ll look back to discover it felt like yesterday when you were holding them in your arms.

So, choosing a photographer for your newborn should be something you should take your time with & ensure you find one you are comfortable with.  When choosing a photographer, I cannot stress the importance of looking for someone who not only specializes in newborns but makes safety during these sessions a priority.

The newborn photography industry is NOT regulated. I would ask your photographer if they received any safety training & if so, where they received it from. A great resource for parents is the apnpi (Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International) which can be found here: This entity accredits professionals in the industry & certifies members to truly set themselves apart from the local hobbyist. In addition, they make safety one of its number one priorities.

Ask your photographer if they & anyone else who works in the studio is fully vaccinated & has received their flu shot before handling your newborn. The studio should also be fully cleaned & sanitized between each & every session which includes props, wraps, blankets, clothing etc. You cannot afford exposing your newborn to anything that could impact their health.

And lastly, is the photographer a fully registered business & insured in what they do? This is an important measure to take as it ensures both you & the photographer are covered in case of liability. An individual who does this for a living will invest the time & money to ensure they are fully covered in this regard.

In closing, I hope this has provided you with tips to help you with your search when looking for a newborn photographer. As you already know McLelland Photography specializes in newborns & ticks all the boxes listed here in this article including being a certified member of the apnpi.

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